Diabetes, Pregnancy Diabetes, Thyroid, Pregnancy Thyroid, Adult Vaccination

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More than 6 Years of Experience in Exclusive Diabetes and Thyroid Care

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Experience Personalised Health Care Services

We assure you personalised care to cater to all your health care needs. Our team has very experienced staff, right from the receptionist to the nursing staff and phlebotomist so that you are in safe and comfortable hands. Our doctor and nutritionist understand the uniqueness of the health ailment of every patient and ensure customised care.

Dr. Mahesh Rath

Facilities Available

Our Speciality Treatment Caters to

Mahesh Rath Diabetes


Our Chief Consultant Dr. Mahesh Rath is an expert in Diabetes Management and with our team of nutritionist and counsellors, a wholesome management of both Type 1 and Tpe 2 Diabetes is ensured.

Mahesh Rath General Thyroid


All type of thyroid related issues like hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, goitre, weight gain and irregular menstruation are addressed here. Specialised treatment approaches to each case with customised treatment is provided here.

Mahesh Rath General Medicine

Adult Vaccination

We are among the few centres in Bhubaneswar who specialise and practise Adult Vaccination. All types of vaccines for adults such as Hepatitis A & B, Influenza, Pneumocococal 13 & 23, Cervical Cancer (HPV), Dog Bite (Rabies) etc are administered here by the expert hands of Dr. Mahesh Rath himself. This along with creating awareness on the Adult Vaccination.

Mahesh Rath Pregnancy Diabetes

Pregnancy Diabetes

Dr. Mahesh Rath has vast experience in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus or Pregnancy Diabetes and his personal interest and numerous researches in this field has fine tuned his expertise in this field and he is one of the leading practitioners dealing with GDM in Odisha.

Mahesh Rath Pregnancy Thyroid

Pregnancy Thyroid

Pregnancy Thyroid or Gestational Thyroid is one of the leading causes of pregnancy complications and has to be dealth with caution. Our experts are well trained to handle such delicate cases and ensure that the thyroid hormone levels are within the safe limits.

Mahesh Rath General Medicine

General Medicine

All common health ailments are also addressed here with critical analysis and diagnosis to ensure a wholesome treatment.

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